Wagner Tax, with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, are much more than Chartered Accountants.    Our team of dedicated professionals, associates and hands-on staff are passionate about helping your business increase cash flow and profits.  Specialising in tax strategies and accounting techniques, Wagner Tax transform results fast. 


Wagner Tax offer practical advice on a wide range of business matters, are a sounding board when you need us, and will prove to be an invaluable business partner. 


Our team are with you throughout the journey, not just at tax time.  We look at the past, present and future of your business when it comes to tax planning, profit and cash flow building strategies.  In terms of profit and tax, we ensure business owners are aware of where they are now, where they want to be, and the route they plan to take to get there.


Dedicated to the development of UK businesses, the team at Wagner Tax will help you pay less tax, save you time and money, and make your business life more comfortable.  We believe that businesses continuously need to strive to improve efficiency, drive down costs and increase sales to optimise margins and ensure survival.  Wagner Tax can help you make this happen. 


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Leo Wagner

Chartered Accountant

B’Acc, FCA, Director


Leo graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987, trained with Ernst & Young in London, and worked with the London financial training company MDA Training.  Leo lived in Auckland, New Zealand, for five years and worked in a merchant bank, before returning to the UK in 2002, to start his accounting and tax practices.  He has successfully developed client bases in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Leo qualified as a Chartered Accountant in February 1992, is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and holds a current UK Certificate of Public Practice (held since 2002).


Leo is happily married and has two grown children.  His interests include skiing, Taekwondo, occasional running, seasonal cycling, and golf.


Email:  leo.wagner@2tax.co.uk

Phone:  0800 0811 567


Joanna McDonald

Client Manager


Joanna, also known as Jo, has worked with Leo Wagner for 15 years.  Her current role as Client Manager involves preparing accounts, liaising with clients, ensuring efficient handling of HMRC and Companies House requirements, and meeting all deadlines on time.


Jo recently completed the AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting and will start the AAT Professional Diploma in Accounting in September 2019.


Joanna is happily married and lives at home with her daughter, two dogs and two cats, so there is never a dull moment!  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, travelling and walking the dogs!


Email:  joanna.mcdonald@2tax.co.uk

Phone:  0800 0811 567



Jennifer Fay

Office and Payroll Administrator


Jennifer has worked with Leo Wagner for four years.  In her role as Office and Payroll Administrator, Jennifer’s excellent customer service skills enabled her to build strong relationships with our clients.  Her role involves dealing with client payroll and their auto-enrolment needs.  She also helps with VAT work and bookkeeping. 


Jennifer has a good knowledge of all accounting and payroll software packages.


In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her children.


Email:  jennifer.Fay@2tax.co.uk

Phone:  0800 0811 567

Joanna Mcdonald
Jennifer Fay
Leo Wagner B'Acc FCA














We love helping business owners with their tax strategies and accounting techniques because changing the way we monitor and report profit and tax is the fastest way of transforming results. We look to the past, present and the future when it comes to tax planning and profit and bank building strategies. In terms of profit and tax, we ensure business owners are aware of where they are, where they want to get to and the route they are going to take to get there.



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E-mail: leo.wagner@wagnertax.co.uk

Phone: 0800 0811 567