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Wagner Tax, with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh, are much more than Chartered Accountants.    Our team of dedicated professionals, associates and hands-on staff are passionate about helping your business increase cash flow and profits.  Specialising in tax strategies and accounting techniques, Wagner Tax transform results fast. 


Often it is getting the simple things right that can make the biggest improvement in business cash flow results.  For example:


  • giving crystal clear quotes to your clients,

  • doing an excellent job for your clients,

  • invoicing quickly and accurately upon job completion or prior to job completion,

  • taking deposits for jobs,

  • keeping clients in the loop in terms of job progress and completion,

  • chasing the clients for overdue payments,

  • having multiple systems for taking payments, such as card payments, bank transfers and payment links on sales invoices.


Looking for cash flow improvement solutions?  Wagner Tax can help.  Our experienced team have developed proven strategies, systems and procedures to help you increase your cash flow. ​


Our team are with you throughout the journey, not just at tax time. 


Wagner Tax offer practical advice on a wide range of business matters, are a sounding board when you need us, and will prove to be an invaluable business partner.  Over many years, as business owners ourselves, we have gained practical experience in setting up the systems and procedures that will help you to improve cash flow in your own business. 


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